DYS850 Automatic Hydraulic Brick Machine
  • DYS850 Automatic Hydraulic Brick Machine

    DYS850 Full automatic hydraulic brick machine adopts double-side pressing method and can produce different size of standard brick, blind hole brick and hollow bricks by changing the moulds.
    DYS430 Hydraulic Brick Making Machine
  • DYS430 Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

    the brick-making machine, by replacing of different moulds and simple screen touching,the DYS 430 brick making machine is able to produce standard bricks, hollow bricks, blind hole bricks, square bricks and pavement bricks
    AAC Cutting Machine
  • AAC Cutting Machine

    AAC cutting machine is the key equipment for AAC production line. It's easy to operate and the production process is simple. AAC production line of Zhengzhou Deyi is fully automatic and intelligent.
    AAC block plant
  • AAC block plant

    Autoclaved aerated concrete(light brick) is the light and porous buidling material.it is named AAC block, It has light keeping temperature cant burn and other advantages . it can be made into many kinds of bricks.
    brick/block production line
  • brick/block production line

    We are a leading manufacturer of brick making machinery in China with a history of 15 years. We have several kinds of production lines to make different kinds of bricks/blocks with different capacities, like fly-ash brick production line, autoclaved lime-sand brick production line Our best-selling block machines is automatic hydraulic brick machine:
    DY1100 Automatic Brick Making Machine
  • DY1100 Automatic Brick Making Machine

    DY1100 Automatic Brick Making Machine manufactured by DEYI Company adopts the down-to-up pressing or moulding technology which slove the problem caused by the traditional up-to-down pressing technology. It also won a number of national patents.
    DY1250 Automatic Brick Machine
  • DY1250 Automatic Brick Machine

    Our automatic brick machine adopts advanced and high-accuracy elements and Hydraulic parts imported from Siemens Germany and YUKEN Japan,it is feature of fast speed,high output and full function and low noise.
    Jaw crusher
  • Jaw crusher

    Features of jaw crusher: 1. jaw crusher crushing the ores,rocks ,pressure below 320 MP 2. hard rocks of high erosion 3. high crushing ratio; 4. Easy maintenance; 5. Stable performance